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Modest Fashion and Style

covered up and looking good!

Modest Style
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Modest fashion and style
This is a community for those of us who want to dress modestly, but who also want to be stylish. "Modest" does not equal "frumpy!" ;)

After some issues with trolls, we are currently on moderated membership. If you have a new journal with no entries or comments, you will be summarily rejected. If you have been rejected and feel you should not be, please message one of the moderators. It may take a while for us to get back to you.

Pictures, tips, tricks, questions, relevant scriptures, ideas - if it's related to modest dressing, please post it! :) (Ideas/tips/pictures/etc. on long hair are also very much welcome. :) )

This is a non-denominational community which includes Jewish, Christian, Pagan, Muslim, Mormon and even atheist women. Please do not proselytise here. Questions about other people's traditions are always appropriate, but do not expect anyone to speak for her entire tradition and always be careful to preface your remarks with a statement that this is your opinion or the teaching of your particular tradition.

People in this community come from many different political backgrounds. Some are quite socially conservative while others are not; some are in traditional marriages, while others are in less traditional arrangements (including at least one same-sex relationship that I'm aware of); some of us are very feminist while others are committed to a patriarchal family tradition. There may be transgender women here; there may be women living in plural marriage (polygamy) here. We want everyone to feel welcome.

Some of us are plain and committed to simple living. Others of us are very style-conscious and interested in finding a way to follow all the latest trends without violating our principles or straying outside of the "rules" of our tradition.

In order to keep the peace, we ask that you always treat other people with respect even when you disagree with their choices or beliefs; there is almost certainly someone here who disagrees with you. It is okay to say that something does not look attractive, is not flattering, or is probably not socially appropriate at certain kinds of formal events or in certain religious settings (but be tradition-specific, because even within the same religion there are usually many different traditions), but please use respectful language and be mindful of the fact that you are not a rabbi or a religious official (unless of course you are, in which case you will almost certainly be tradition-specific).

Also, please do not come in here as an outsider who does not dress modestly and ask us to do your homework or ask inappropriate questions that imply we are oppressed.

Abusive language is never okay here; racist language is not okay; and it is not okay ever to blame anyone who has been subjected to name-calling, harassment or physical or sexual abuse and imply that it is okay to hurt people because of the way they are or are not dressed. Please don't do this; you will be banned.

Please share! And please introduce yourself. :)

Also, have some links:

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The Modest List

The moderators can be reached by the email address listed here.