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video tutorials, links to pretty scarves, etc.

so i have pneumonia.. which means i am well enough to sit at a computer but not allowed to go out, and have no energy.

so... this is a link to how to wear a hijab so your earrings show. its ...ok.. but it has links on the sidebar to some more links on how to wear scarves and hijabs and such

anyway i was looking at some two piece hijab (i tend to wear just the headband part with a scarf, but i like having the option.. )and during winter a neck cover is GOOD. so i ordered two.. these:
because i wear purple, blue, and green... plus it has black and white

and this one because its a true neutral in grey.

and i wanted to get a one piece with scarf....
or the one they call "crimson" and i say is plum with brown....

this is the video to how it is constructed. i may make a few myself since i cant go anywhere....
but i usually like the variety of the separate piece with scarf, not attached.

thats the lady from "middle eastern mall"

lots of good links on various scarf and hijab wear on the sidebar.
white outfit

long time no post...

i know, its been forever!

as you probably dont recal i am in college (yes at 44.. wow.. 45 now) and frankly its eaten my brain. on top of that i had a lot of "life happens" pile up on me at once.

i found a neat way to make a immodest outfit work..
i had bought a sleeveless maxi dress in a knit at Old Navy  a few years ago, and now they are back on trend, but they were a LOT deeper cut than i remembered!!!! so i have been wearing them over a bunch of "they didnt look that sheer in the store!" shirts!
solves both the too sheer and the too deep problems!
i will try to post pictures when i can... but i am currently in week ten of 11 so.... finals , you know.

as part of the finals (back on topic i swear) we learned to take measurements and use that to draft a pants pattern.. so i finally can make a pattern for pants that are not so tight as to be a problem for me!
i also need to actually get off the part that pants cover and make some more skirts...

last but not least:
my friend Guen, aka Lady guendalina, or "the snood lady" has had some financial set backs, which means her car is out of comission until she can afford repairs.. so she is having some sales... she makes plain and beaded snoods (they are crochet openwork so you would want a solid underlayer if you dont want your hair to show)  the beaded snoods are made by threading the beads on prior to crochet, so they do NOT pop off like the cheap ones. i have snoods i bought over 8 years ago of heavy wear and tear with nary a lost bead. (yes she does custom)

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(Semi-) Modest Swimsuits for Girls @Kmart

Hey there!  

I was pleasantly surprised in my travels today at the selection of swimsuits my local Kmart has this season--interspersed with the typical mini bikinis were several styles with skirts and a few of the tankini variety that covered more skin than they showed--this mama is very happy!  The swimsuits and cover-ups in girls' sizes are also 50% off right now. 

ISO modest layering shells (XL / XXL / Plus)

This is a two-part "in search of" post for two different modest peeps.

-One person is looking for simple high-necked cotton shells that aren't from Lands End, in size 16/18 (so an XL/XXL, rather than a plus size, would probably work). Must cover collarbone.

-One person is looking for shells that are a little dressier - Can be cotton or non-cotton. These do NOT need to cover collar bone but should completely cover cleavage even when bending over. She wears tops that are between 18 and 22 (usually 1X/2X). She is in love with these polyester/spandex shells from Dress Barn that she wears with shirts that are a little too low in order to provide a little more coverage - They are tanks that have lace at the top so what you see is a little lace peeking out from your shirt. Unfortunately they're no longer carrying them. She's looking for things appropriate to wear with work clothes, not just casual.

Any ideas/leads? Thanks!

Remember an online store called "Get Your Skirt On"? Or something like that?

Does anyone else remember a little online store called something like "Get Your Skirt On"? They sold only a few styles - wrap skirts and fold-top yoga skirts and these stretchy very full long skirts with ruching at the waist which are my favorite ever and I'm desperate to find them again. Maybe I'm remembering the company name wrong but I just can't find it online and I am dying for a new one of these skirts because mine is all pilled up now. Any help would be much appreciated.

UPDATED to add: Finally found my  receipt from my old order. It was getyourskirton.com but I e-mailed customer service and it turns out the woman who owned it sold the business and the people she sold it to are focusing on the brick and mortar store and let the website die. She is going to get me in touch with them to see if they can help me find this particular skirt. Thanks!


Somehow in the 7.5 years i have been raising girls (plus my 9-year-old son, but he rarely wears dresses!) it has never been necessary for me to buy them slips. Until now. I bought each girl a new dress for Easter, brought them home, and discovered that THEY ARE (nearly) COMPLETELY TRANSPARENT!! Eeek! Half-slips will probably do, because the top half has an extra layer or two, but the skirt portions are far too see-through to leave the house in without something extra.

These are the dresses in question, so that others may be warned!

dress 1

dress 2

You'd think that, selling items like this, the store would also have available the proper undergarments?  But nah.  I wouldn't be nearly as annoyed if they did!  But i couldn't find anything at Wal-Mart, K-Mart, OR Target (and that's all we have semi-locally).  So where the heck can i find a slip (or better yet, a petticoat) in little girls' sizes (specifically: 6x and 10)!?  I would really hate to put pants under such pretty dresses (i already washed them, so i can't take them back and start over).  Online shopping is an option if the price is right, but i'd rather go to a physical store if possible.  i'm making a trip into the big city next week, so my options will be much better then; if you gals could give me some leads, it will save me a lot of time and frustration!