fabricdragon (fabricdragon) wrote in modest_style,

some other sales i found

first of all, Dorothy Perkins... a UK based store (but they have an online shop) has some very nice modest outfit pieces. apparently they wear very well, last a good bit according to a friend.

if you sign up they email you a sale coupon... and tomorrow is a 25 % off sale WITH COUPON ONLY.

in addition... Target has a sale on many of their womens/plus size and juniors T shirts and Tank tops... i use them for layering.
$6 each

and some nice patterned and plain cardigans.... also at Target.

heading to Kohls and a few other stores this weekend, will report back. however in general many many stores have the transition from summer to fall clothes now, so a lot of sales (CAtherines, plus size has a major clearance going on.. as does Dress Barn)


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