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some other sales i found

first of all, Dorothy Perkins... a UK based store (but they have an online shop) has some very nice modest outfit pieces. apparently they wear very well, last a good bit according to a friend.

if you sign up they email you a sale coupon... and tomorrow is a 25 % off sale WITH COUPON ONLY.

in addition... Target has a sale on many of their womens/plus size and juniors T shirts and Tank tops... i use them for layering.
$6 each

and some nice patterned and plain cardigans.... also at Target.

heading to Kohls and a few other stores this weekend, will report back. however in general many many stores have the transition from summer to fall clothes now, so a lot of sales (CAtherines, plus size has a major clearance going on.. as does Dress Barn)


Macys had its one day "preview" sale today.. its one day sale is tomorrow.
i snagged a few maxi skirts under 20 bucks and a scarf for 7

weird thing is? the skirts were XL juniors.. and they fit. i am a size 18-20.. i dont normally fit ANY juniors

i do expect the sale prices will continue a bit....

Hijab exhibition in London

A new exhibition taking place at London's Festival Hall aims to show the different sides of the hijab, the head scarf worn by Muslim women.

David Sillito has been to meet the artist behind the project, Sara Shamsavari.




Where can I find a super comfy floorlength nightgown with long sleeves and a collarbone height neck? Buttons in front are a plus. I used to have them when I was a kid, but I don't see them around anymore. Cotton preferable, solid color preferable. Super bonus points for a store I can walk into and try things on.

Gudrun Sjoden

I have only just come across Gudrun Sjoden, I haven't bought anything yet so I cannot comment on customer services or quality , sizing of clothing, but I really like so many of these clothes, my wish list is enormous!



i'm looking for plus size kurtis. i have found 2 shops eastessenc (already ordered from them) and alhannah that i haven't ordered from.

any suggestions for nice kuris?

snood sale...

everyone can i have a moment? no this isnt my sale.. its a friends sale and fundraiser

one of my dearest friends, a mom raising a special needs child on her home business income! has had a series of set backs.. (basically half of her living depends on getting to craft shows and stuff, and she had a series of car issues among other problems)

she is running a fundraiser for a new car .. where she will custom make snoods and other things (but i thought you may be interested in the snoods)

she makes plain ones that fit VERY well (unlike the mass market ones that always fall off my head) as well as beaded ones.

i have over 15 of them (i have to be in costume for medieval fairs... at least thats my excuse ;-p ) and they have lasted and lasted and lasted...

SALE, not mine


24 hour sale, many items $2. i have ordered from them and their products are decent.


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